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Longleaf System and Network Specialists

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IT Strategy, Implementation, and Support for Business

To report a new issue or obtain the status on an existing issue click here: http://portal.longleafsys.com

Longleaf offers planning, consulting, and service for technology in small- and medium-sized businesses in the following areas:

Managed Services - remote monitoring and management, 24x7 help desk, IT support, and repair services

Network Security - patch management, application upgrades, content control, and Internet gateway security

Virtualization - cost saving desktop and server virtualization solutions

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity - onsite and offsite failover and redundancy for critical business systems and applications

Cloud Computing Services - private and public cloud solutions consisting of servers, storage and advanced server, network and storage virtualization technology

Unified Communications - VOIP PBX, email, calendar, contacts, business class instant messaging, and fax through hosted and onsite solutions



Move email security to the Cloud

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Hosted spam and antivirus filtering solutions have evolved into full email security, archiving, and business continuity platforms. Now you can filter out the vast majority of inbound spam and email based threats before they ever reach your network, provide easy to use spam and quarantine management directly to your end users, and ensure that your outbound email gets delivered. If your internet connection or in-house mail server is down, you can continue to check (and respond to) your critical business email. Archiving features allow automated retention policies and discovery capabilities adding a layer of protection and compliance to your business.


iPads at the Office

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We're getting a lot of questions from clients about using iPads in the office environment. Would they be really useful, or just be a toy for employees? How would it work in practice? Would we spend more time watching Netflix or playing Angry Birds than getting any work done?

The short answer is: It depends. What is the problem that you're trying to solve? Do you need portable access to existing files or online services? Are you looking for a laptop replacement? Are you trying to reduce paper and streamline document handling? Do you need something lighter than your laptop to tuck in your bag when you go to the kids' baseball game so you can multitask


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